Port Agency

A senior ship’s captain once described the duties of his port agent in on sentence. Pointing along the length of the ship he said, “When I am at sea, all this is my responsibility; when I reach a port I am looking for someone with whom to share that responsibility”.


Serene Marine has an office in Dublin and we are focused on delivering quality, traditional port agency services where it counts – in port at the ship side. We make sure that each port call is handled with the care and attention it deserves by experienced shipping people with a forward-facing transparent approach. So, whether you are looking for husbandry assistance, a port cost estimate, a vessel suitability study, or you already have a ship fixed we are here to help you at any time of the day or night, either through one of our local offices or via our fully manned 24 hour a day support team!


We have a large number of local port partners and service suppliers ready to deliver when needed and we can help you with the arrangement of husbandry services such as crew changes, launch, medicals, stores, spares or bunker delivery. Our dedicated team of experienced personnel are on hand at any time to assist you with the most efficient and cost-effective husbandry services.



Port Agents are always on duty and available but traditionally contacting someone out of hours can often mean having to wake someone in the middle of the night who might not be fully focused on your immediate needs. Our 24 hours support team is a fully manned and focused team of individuals that are available in the office 24/365. So, if you need assistance at any time of the day or night – from any time zone – we can help!

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