Yacht & Private Boat Survey

Our surveys are carried out to the highest standard adhering to Serene Marine’s principles of accountability, dependability, and transparency. All our surveyors hold CoC licences and are members of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS). We always endeavour to work with yacht owners and crew when performing a survey to enhance our accuracy while maintaining impartiality and objectivity.

The final survey results will be furnished in a timely manner to the vessel owner or designated representative. We give the client the options of both a digital copy of the survey and or a hard copy upon request.

Pre survey Advice

  • Please remove all items from under seating and lockers to allow the surveyor access to the inside portion of the hull.
  • Please remove all engine and machinery space coverings
  • Please present all life jackets and lifesaving appliances and leave them in a conspicuous location
  • All fire extinguishers and firefighting apparatus should be in date and in the correct location.
  • Please check all your pyrotechnics are in date and leave out for inspection. (they should be stored in a water tight container).
  •  All lockers should be opened and should not be fouled by ropes or other apparatus
  • Inspect gas locker and insure all drain scuppers are free of debris and gas lines are  free of damage
  • Anchor locker should be opened and drain scuppers checked for blockages
  •  All seacocks and openings in the hull should be operated and insure they can be open and close freely. Please make the surveyor aware of their location on or prior to arrival
  • Lift floor boards and ensure bilges are clean and free or debris.
  • Check bilge pump is operational
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